Legislation ~ AB 1308, any new bills

Opinion #166 ~ “Informed Refusal” ~ notes: Almost universally, informed consent laws have been liberalized … from the relatively paternalistic “professional or reasonable physician” standard to the “materiality of patient viewpoint” standard. … In the “patient viewpoint” standard, a physician must disclose … the risks and benefits that a reasonable person in the patient’s position would want to know in order […]


. . towards an honorable peace . . . .       1. Introduction & brief background of me and general ideas about these issues (7 mins): 2. Most relative to KillBill efforts of 2017 –>SB 457 (29 mins) 3. About mfry licensing: 4. Kathi asks “How do we decriminalize?” 5. Professional mfry as a critical […]

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Information ~ CaLM’s Standard-of-Care Development Website: part 1

by faithgibson May 28, 2015

Intro, Overview & Grand Vision: Our Standard-of-Care is also our most public face A standard of care is like a professional Constitution & Bill-of-Rights all rolled into one. As published online, this document is the single most important source of public information about the principles and professional practice midwifery available to childbearing families, journalists, reporters, […]

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