Part 3 ~ In-depth information for the truly dedicated reader Reminder ~ The purpose of a professional standard of care is to: function as a reliable source of information & guidance for California licensed midwives provide information about the professional practice of community-based midwifery to interested parties, including the public, client families, legislative and regulatory bodies […]

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Part 2 ~ CCM’s Standard-of-Care as a placeholder document As stated earlier, the Collaborative Work Group is developing a standard-of-care for the California community of licensed midwives relative to the post-AB 1308 practice of midwifery. We are currently using the California College of Midwives‘ standards & guidelines (2004 version, updated 2015) as a template that […]

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Information ~ CaLM’s Standard-of-Care Development Website: part 1

by faithgibson May 28, 2015

Intro, Overview & Grand Vision: Our Standard-of-Care is also our most public face A standard of care is like a professional Constitution & Bill-of-Rights all rolled into one. As published online, this document is the single most important source of public information about the principles and professional practice midwifery available to childbearing families, journalists, reporters, […]

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