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A Standard-of-Care ~ Our Most Public Face ~ a professional constitution & bill-of-rights all rolled into one

As published on-line, our Standard-of-Care document is the single most important source of public information about the principles and professional practice midwifery available to childbearing families, journalists, reporters, legislators, attorneys and other interested parties.

As our public face, we need to be sure that any Standard-of-Care for CaLMs accurately reflects the principles of midwifery practice as a professional, evidence-based, 21st century healthcare discipline, while functioning smoothly at the practice level for midwives and the childbearing families we serve.

By weaving together the traditional body-of-knowledge and practice of midwifery from multiple legacy resources    with the most recent scientific advances we are able create customized and tailored standard of care for CaLMs can help us preserve and protect the eternal verities of midwifery practice.

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