April 2017

Never forget: Our immediate goal for any legislation affecting healthy childbearing women and midwives is an “honest bill“. Our long-term goal is an “Honorable Peace” btw women (as mothers & midwives) and 21st-century obstetrics as a surgical specialty. Learning to ‘Love the Bomb’ while working for an ‘Honorable Peace’ with obstetrical medicine Unfortunately for midwives, becoming […]


. . towards an honorable peace . . . .       1. Introduction & brief background of me and general ideas about these issues (7 mins): 2. Most relative to KillBill efforts of 2017 –>SB 457 (29 mins) 3. About mfry licensing: 4. Kathi asks “How do we decriminalize?” 5. Professional mfry as a critical […]

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